Judas Iscariot

Some may question why one would select Judas Iscariot for a pillar of faith. Please remember that Judas was one of Jesus’ disciples. His presence in that select group reminds us that any one of us could betray Jesus also.

Start with the Wikipedia entry for Judas.

Encyclopedia Britannica offers this entry.

Check out About.com’s Christianity entry here.

Beliefnet offers this information about Judas Iscariot.

The New Yorker published a scholarly article on Judas and the Gospel according to Judas found in the last 100 years. You will want to read this and discuss it with your parents.

Biography offers a very short piece on Judas– with a surprising interpretation of his last name.

Here’s another interpretation of his last name.

I am not sure of the group behind this post, but they have some thoughts about Judas that you may want to consider. Be sure to talk with pastor if you use information from this post.

Here is a surprising entry for Judas on the Jewish Encyclopedia site!

This article gives some thought to why Judas betrayed Jesus.


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