The Pillar Project

During Lent, confirmation students at Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church are working with parents and a partner to create a visual display of people of faith. This page offers resources and ideas as each team creates their “Faith Pillar” to display starting Palm Sunday and continuing through Holy Week (March 29-April 5).

Faith Pillars focus on a central theme that is shown in the life of a person who encountered Jesus, a second person who lived in the past, a living disciple, and finally is carried out through a ministry of RELC.

Step 1. Pick a person of faith who encountered Jesus. The posts below provide links to help you start exploring the characteristics of these individuals and deciding on the theme you want to illustrate.

Step 2. Notify Pastor Chip of the person you have selected. We will have only one team working on a specific person, so the first to declare their choice by email will claim that person.

Step 3. Once you’ve determined the theme you are exploring, search for historic examples of that theme. Select an individual who has lived out that theme in his or her life and gather stories and related facts about them. You might include things they said (quotes) or illustrations that show what they did.

Step 4. Repeat step 3, but this time research someone who is living today. It can be a famous person– or a person involved on a more local level. It might even be someone at Resurrection!

Step 5. Talk to people at RELC about the theme you’ve chosen. How is that theme expressed in a ministry activity here at the church? Get pictures or stories to add to your faith pillar that show how we carry on the theme today.

Step 6. Create your faith pillar. Paint of cover the cardboard pillar after deciding how tall you want it to be. (Be sure to secure it at that height so it doesn’t collapse. And don’t forget to weight it down so it stands in the hall at church.) Try to use each side of the pillar to its fullest. One side is for the person who encountered Jesus, one for the person in history, one for the contemporary person and the last for the ministry at RELC. You can use pictures, stories, even short videos on iPods or iPads– just make it so you can easily remove them when you are not at church. We cannot be responsible for them unfortunately.

Step 7. Be sure to have your finished Faith Pillar at church by 8:00 a.m. on Palm Sunday, March 29th.


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